How can I navigate a long-distance relationship, while still taking care of myself and my own needs?

Utsavi Jhaveri

Utsavi Jhaveri (she/her)

Navigating a long-distance relationship (LDR) can seem, and be, challenging but it can be a practical possibility, especially in the digital era. The most important thing is to work on strengthening your connection and be able to support each other through the highs and lows (like all relationships). Maybe it’s not ideal but as long as we think that the person is worth it and we want to put in the effort, virtual or IRL – it is doable! Here are some broad strokes of how you can make it work:

  1. Self-care is key – LDRs can be demanding of your time, resources, and energy so you need to ensure that you aren’t burning out in the process. Checking in with yourself about your feelings and needs can help you communicate any concerns better with your boo.
  2. Out of sight doesn’t have to be out of mind – Speak and more importantly communicate regularly, share snippets from your lives, and surprise each other with gifts from time to time! This lets the other person know that you are thinking about each other.
  3. Romance and intimacy can happen online too – And, it is a different thrill! Actively set aside some time for doing things together, going on virtual dates because you might have to match schedules (and, sometimes time zones) more intentionally. 
  4. Meet every opportunity you can – The more time you spend being physically proximate to each other and making memories (as grueling as goodbyes can be), the more you will have something to hold on to and cherish when you have to be apart.

Yes, being in an LDR can pose several challenges, and if it comes to it, do know when to call it quits. If you are feeling like your relationship is holding you back or that you are constantly having to deprioritize taking care of yourself and your needs despite communicating with your partner, you may cut your losses and move on.


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