I want to explore my sexuality and date people of different genders and orientations. How do I explore this side of myself?

Apurupa Vatsalya

Apurupa Vatsalya (she/they)

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Exploring your sexuality and dating people of different gender identities and sexual orientations is a journey of self-discovery and can happen at any age, but it can also bring feelings of stress, internalized queerphobia (because we have been told that heterosexuality is the only “correct way to be”). So, learning more about yourself and what you are seeking from these explorations can help you feel more comfortable and affirmed in your sexuality. A good resource for you to learn more about the topic is That Sassy Thing’s free and comprehensive Masterclass: Gender & Sexuality 101 .I have not just designed it from my professional expertise as a sexuality educator but also as a queer person myself, I have drawn from my lived experiences for a holistic take on all things gender and sexuality.  Another great resource is Let’s Talk Gender, a glossary of different gender identities and descriptors based on lived experiences by members of the community by Tinder and Gaysi Family

The next step in exploring this side of yourself can be to seek community and talk to supportive people. Dating apps like Tinder can be a great place for this and even to meet potential partners.

Apart from this, you could even go to your local queer gatherings and events. However, when dating someone, let them know that you are new to this and are potentially experimenting. You may even consider speaking to a queer affirmative therapist for helping you navigate your journey. Mariwala Health Initiative, The Mind Clan, and Pink List India have a list of trusted professionals. There are many different sexual identities, as many as there are people. Discovering yours can take some time and there’s no rush to take on any label. A few instances of experimentation don’t make you queer either, you are queer when you say that you are. Your identity may also not remain fixed and may change over time throughout your life, and that’s normal too – you do you!